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HunterLab’s spectrophotometer systems are industry-leading color measurement systems. Used by top manufacturers across the industry, our spectrophotometers set the standard for accuracy, reliability, and ease of use. Coupled with HunterLab’s state-of-the-art color measurement software, our color measurement systems offer unprecedented flexibility to process, monitor, analyze and report results. Our spectrophotometers are available in portable, bench-top and production line models designed to meet your processing, testing, and quality control requirements.


Our sales and support staff will ensure that you have the right instrument for your application, whether you need to quickly measure samples on the production floor or shipping areas, conduct formal testing in your quality control lab or perform continuous testing during production.


HunterLab Colorimetric Spectrophotometers ( a newer version of a colorimeter) will measure samples and give the following values:

Colour Scales: CIELab, CIELCh, Hunter Lab, Rdab, RxRyRz, XYZ, Yxy

Difference Indices: dE (Hunter), dC (Hunter), dE (CIE), dC (CIE), dH (CIE), dL CMC, dC CMC, dH CMC, dE CMC, dL (CIE94), dC (CIE94), dH (CIE94), dE (CIE94), dL (DIN99), dC (DIN99), dH (DIN99), dE (DIN99), dL (CIE2000), dC (CIE2000), dH (CIE2000), dE (CIE2000), dE FMCII, dL FMCII, dRG FMCII, dYB (FMCII), dE Rdab, dC Rdab, Metamerism Index, Gray Scale (ISO 105-A05.2), Gray Scale (ISO 105-A04), Average Strength, Weighted Strength

Spectral Data: % Reflectance, % Transmittance, Absorbance, K/S, ∆% Reflectance, ∆% Transmittance

Indices: YI E313, YI D1925, WI E313, WI CIE, WI GANZ, 457 Brightness, Y Brightness, Z%, APHA (10, 20 and 50mm), ADMI (10, 20 and 50mm), ASTM D1500, Gardner D6166 , Gardner 20mm, Saybolt, Tint CIE, Tint E313, Tint GANZ, Dominant Wavelength, Citrus Scores, Tomato Scores, Excitation Purity, Opacity, Haze. Absolute and difference from standard for each.

Our benchtop color measurement systems offer the ultimate in sample measurement precision.


Measure samples on plant production floors, in storage areas, shipping departments and more.


Non-contact on-line systems provide continuous, real-time measurement of your product on a process line.


Unprecedented flexibility to process, display, analyze and report color measurement results.


Digital Qualification Notebook Generator


Find recommended suitable replacements for our out of production instruments.