HunterLab is committed to providing you unparalleled service and support to maintain your instrument’s operation to our exacting factory standards. However, at times our ability to do so is limited by reduced availability of those critical replacement parts required to maintain its optimal performance.

Instrument Production Stop Replacement
MiniScan XP 2008 MiniScan EZ
MiniScan XE 1998 MiniScan EZ
ColorFlex 2010 ColorFlex EZ
ColorQuest II 1999 UltraScan VIS
ColorQuest 45/0 LAV 2006 LabScan XE
ColorQuest XT 2016 Vista
ColorQuest XE 2016 UltraScan VIS
UltraScan XE 2004 UltraScan PRO
D25 A9000 2009 ColorFlex EZ
D25 L9000 2006 D25 NC
D25 LT 2014 D25 NC
ColorTrend HT 2011 SpectraTrend HT
Universal (software) 2008 EasyMatch QC


The chart above shows product model status and a list of suitable replacements for those models that have been discontinued.


The first column lists those products which have been phased out of production.


The next column shows the year in which production stopped. HunterLab normally will continue to support discontinued products for 3-5 years after production stopped. Our support, however, is limited by the availability of system components needed to repair or maintain systems.


The third column offers a recommended replacement product (currently in production), as well as provides a link to more information.