HunterLab ColorFlex EZ Tomato Spectrophotometer

Similar to the ColorFlex EZ, the ColorFlex EZ Tomato is able to measure and acquire data of solid, liquid, semisolid and powder samples. The ColorFlex EZ Tomato is programmed with the Lycopene Index alongside the Hunter L, a, b and the CIE L, a, b colour scales so it can also be used to measure a wide variety of non-tomato based samples.

Using 45˚/0˚geometry, the ColorFlex EZ Tomato keeps quality control at the forefront whilst providing measurements of the colour of tomato-based products. This specially designed instrument provides precise data of tomato in all its forms: paste, puree, catsup, juice and fresh tomatoes. In addition, the ColorFlex EZ Tomato comes equipped with firmware sporting the following colour scales:

  • Tomato Paste Score (TPS)
  • Tomato Sauce
  • Score (TSS)
  • Tomato Catsup Score (TCS)
  • Tomato Juice Score (TJS)
  • a/b ratio
  • Fresh Tomato Colour Index (FTCI)

The ColorFlex EZ Tomato’s compact size means it takes up very little bench space and can be used almost anywhere. The ColorFlex EZ Tomato can also be programmed with pass/fail tolerances and has storage for 250 setups so is extremely versatile and, once the desired setups are complete, will save a great deal of time. Once the setup is complete, operating the ColorFlex EZ Tomato is as simple as loading a sample and pressing a button.

Included in the ColorFlex EZ Tomato package are the ColorFlex EZ Tomato instrument, a complete set of calibration and diagnostic tiles, a BCR-400 Tomato tile, 2 glass sample cups, a port insert for the sample cups and a sample cup opaque cover. The ColorFlex EZ Tomato can also be connected to a printer, PC, keyboard, barcode reader or footswitch assembly by USB, making this instrument completely adaptable to the needs of any industry.

In summary, the ColorFlex EZ Tomato is a completely versatile, compact instrument that can adapt to any work area and measure tomato and non-tomato based samples with ease.

Product Features

  • Measures the reflected color of solids and liquids
  • Product-standard storage with Pass/Fail tolerances
  • Displays Color Data, Color Plot, Spectral Data, and Spectral Plots
  • Available with 45°/0° measurement geometry
  • Requires very little bench space
  • Can be connected to a printer or a PC
  • Compatible with EasyMatch software

Product Video