HunterLab MiniScan EZ 4500S Spectrophotometer


The MiniScan EZ 4500S is a lightweight hand-held spectrophotometer used for measuring the reflected color of samples. This instrument is designed for one-handed operation with thumb-tip navigation of functions. This portable spectrophotometer can be used right at the production line at an appropriate moment as required and gives easy to read color data.


To adapt to an individual manufacturer’s requirements, the MiniScan EZ 4500S is adaptable with a USB printer, keyboard and barcode reader; these accessories allow the instrument to become personalized within quality control processes, give results as required and be adjusted as necessary to keep up with any changes that may occur.


The MiniScan EZ 4500S is designed with 45˚/0˚geometry and 6mm port size that allows for a 5mm view area. This design is perfect for operators who measure smaller samples or require only a small section of a product to be analyzed.


The MiniScan EZ 4500S can measure the reflected color of a variety of sample types including fabrics, paper, powders, granules, and even liquids when measured through a sample cup. The results are able to be displayed as color data, color difference data, color plot, spectral data, spectral data difference, spectral plot and spectral difference plot, depending on individual requirements. Additionally, this instrument can also be programmed with pass/fail tolerances to make quality control a more effective process when comparing a sample measured to a pre-determined standard.


For samples of uneven physical characteristics, the data collected by the MiniScan EZ 4500S can also be calculated into an average to give a better representation of the product measured as a whole, not just the sample.


The MiniScan EZ 4500S is able to store 100 standards and 800 sample measurements that can be downloaded onto a PC or printer at the operator’s convenience. As an extra bonus, for a more detailed analysis of color data and the ability to compare samples to each other clearly, the MiniScan EZ can be used in conjunction with EasyMatch QC Software.


This instrument is extremely versatile and can be modified and set up in a way to suit any and all appearance analysis needs.

Product Features

  • Lightweight and rubberized handle for operator comfort
  • Easy one-handed operation with thumb-tip navigation of functions
  • Large, easy to read LCD graphical display
  • Available with 45˚/0˚or diffuse/8˚ and large or small area view
  • Displays colour data, colour difference data, colour plot, spectral data, spectral data difference, spectral plot, spectral difference plot
  • Includes all commonly used colour scales and indices
  • Averages up to 20 sample readings
  • Stores 100 standards and 800 sample measurements

Product Video