Plastics Manufacturing


Color Process Automation Technology (cPAT) for plastics manufacturing is a fully integrated, online color measurement and color control solution tailored to meet the needs of plastics manufacturers. From plastic sheet manufacturing to window profile, vinyl siding, custom profile, and compounding, cPAT offers best practices and automated solution tools to improve manufacturing efficiencies, ensure product quality, and reduce overall costs.


cPAT for plastics manufacturing moves the production color QC process from one of the time-interval-based color measurements and manual adjustments to one of real-time color monitoring, automated closed-loop color control, and automated defect containment. Benefits include:


– Reduced operational costs

– Process Yield Improvements

– Cost Reduction through Material savings

– Improve Operator Efficiencies

– Improved Equations for Green Initiatives and Carbon Footprint Reductions

– Improved Customer Satisfaction

– Improved shareholder/stakeholder value

Product Features


  • Online, real-time color measurement and monitoring
  • Touch screen PLC with easy to set up and operator friendly color-control software
  • Automated closed-loop color control
  • Outputs for downstream defect containment
  • Historic data logging and storage for retrieval via USB or remotely on a network by FTP
  • Process variables charted in real-time with 100 scans of data storage for on-screen viewing
  • Calibration reminders automatically displayed based on number of scans and time since last calibration

Product Video