Plastic Extrusion Processing


Today’s plastic extrusion color control process relies a bit on ‘black magic’ to be successful. Time-interval based color monitoring is insufficient in providing information on baseline, variation or improvement opportunities. The process is not very controllable, predictable or often times even understandable. cPAT eliminates the ‘black magic’, making the process something that operators can control, predict and troubleshoot.


Process Automation Technology (cPAT) is a fully integrated, online color measurement and color control solution tailored to meet the needs of plastics processors. This unique system allows for continuous color monitoring, automated feeder adjustments based on color measurements taken directly from the process stream, and enables downstream containment of defective product. Applications include:


– Sheet Plastic

– Vinyl Siding

– Window Profile

– Other custom profile

Product Features




  • Lab grade color spectrophotometer with a height sensor
  • Non-contact, non-destructive real-time color measurement and monitoring
  • Full spectrum, long life LED illumination
  • Ambient light rejection
  • NEMA4/IP56 industrial design
  • Up to 4 in measuring distance




  • Automatic color control based on L*, a* or b* colorimetric values
  • Ability to select Open-Loop (Manual) or Closed-Loop (Automated) color control
  • Automatically adjusts for bulk density variation, feed screw wear, and other process variables
  • Boost Speed for faster color changeovers
  • Automatic regression calculations
  • Automatic update and save functions (speed and regression settings)
  • Lab QC delta offset inputs for a lab to line instrument correlation
  • Outputs for integrated Automated Defect Containment

Product Video