Paper Color Measurement

Leaders in paper products around the globe choose the quality and reliability of HunterLab – the world’s most trusted color quality experts. From tissues to coated paper, HunterLab delivers the color measurement quality and reliability that paper manufacturers demand and trust.


HunterLab’s instruments are designed for the paper industry’s unique challenges. They deliver consistent quality and appearance from sheet to sheet, ensuring perfect repeatability across your samples and facilities. We offer instruments with a larger viewing area to deliver unsurpassed quality and confidence in your results. We even include innovative features controlling tissue dust to reduce your risk of downtime.


HunterLab offers the broadest range of solutions in the industry including portable, benchtop or online instruments tailored to every need and budget.

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HunterLab instruments combine rock-solid reliability with innovative

human eye technology for color perfection. It’s all backed by sixty years of color measurement leadership and support giving you the truest color quality in the world from the company whose founder pioneered color quality control.

Many HunterLab spectrophotometers are versatile enough to accommodate most applications of color measurement. However, based on our 60 + years of experience and our customers’ uses, these particular instruments are most suited for this industry application.



ColorFlex EZ (45°/0° Geometry, Reflectance, 400-700 nm)
40% of our customers prefer this instrument because of its compact design and integrated display, so does not require a PC and external software.

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SpectraTrend HT – Compact Online Spectrophotometer
HunterLab’s next generation SpectraTrend HT spectrophotometer takes color quality control to its highest level with 0/30 design for ultimate precision.

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UltraScan PRO (Diffuse d/8° sphere Geometry, Reflectance and Transmittance, 350-1050 nm)

30% of our customers select this high-performance instrument for its extended wavelength measurement and its ability to measure both reflected and transmitted color.

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UltraScan VIS (Diffuse d/8° sphere Geometry, Reflectance, and Transmittance, 360-780 nm)

30% of our customers select this instrument for its extended wavelength measurement and its ability to measure both reflected and transmitted color of samples that are transparent to opaque.

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