Chemical Color Measurement

Chemicals are used throughout industry to make a wide variety of consumer goods and are indispensable in diverse industries such as food, agriculture, manufacturing, construction, life sciences, and many service industries. From polymers to plastics, fertilizers to pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals, many of the world’s leading chemical manufacturers rely on HunterLab solutions to ensure quality and consistency of their product.

Whether you are measuring, petrochemicals, polymers, pigments, colorants, resins, solvents, minerals, or detergents, HunterLab is renowned for easy-to-use solutions for color measurement of chemicals. Quantifying color to visual perception through critical metrics and indices including APHA/Haze, Plt-Co, Whiteness, Yellowness, Gardner, Saybolt, and Haze are made simple and economical to ensure color consistency and quality across supply chains.


HunterLab offers the broadest range of solutions in the industry including portable, benchtop or online instruments tailored to every need and budget.


Industry-Leading Innovation And Experience

Dedicated to worldwide support through local representation, HunterLab provides over 60 years of experience to meet the color measurement needs of customers around the world. We offer the industry’s most comprehensive set of end-to-end solutions – an integrated package of resources, from the complete array of instrumentation, software, and support services to training, education, and decades of application knowledge.