Detergent Color Measurement

From simple mixtures of ashes, silicates and animal fats used by the ancient Egyptians, to the modern day use of surfactants, builders, bleaching agents, enzymes, fillers other minor additive, the science and technology of detergents continues to advance with future developments focused on products that are more efficient and easy to use, as well as safe for consumers and for the environment. HunterLab has been supplying the detergent industry with quality color measurement systems for over 60 years. Our experience in this industry started with Procter & Gamble and today includes Amway, Sun Products, Church & Dwight, Reckitt Benckiser, Henkel and Clorox among many others.

HunterLab provides solutions for all areas of color measurement in the detergent industry, from liquid and powdered detergent, to cotton swabs used to test a detergents cleaning power and performance, to consumer packaging designed to attract a consumer to purchase. The proper instrument is determined by the sample type.