Glass Color Measurement

Glass offers limitless possibilities as a core structural and design element in architecture because of its beauty and practicality. The architectural glass used as a building material can unite an interior space with the outdoors, permits the creative use of natural light to illuminate interior settings, and inspires the imagination to create elegant and aesthetic architectures. HunterLab has many years of experience in the glass industry, serving among our many customers in the architectural glass manufacturing area; Cardinal, Guardian, PPG, Pilkington, and others.


Controlling the color of architectural glass is extremely important to ensure the creative and artistic intent of the designer, and to minimize the high cost of replacing off color panels in a structure.

Measuring the color of glass is achieved in two ways; a simple transmission color measurement tells us the color of the glass as viewed from the inside, and a reflectance measurement of the coated side tells us the color of the glass as seen from the outside. The reflectance color results can help to determine the thickness of AR and other coatings.

Many of HunterLab’s spectrophotometers are versatile enough to accommodate most applications of color measurement. However, based on 60+ years of experience and a thorough understanding of our customers’ needs and product use, these particular instruments are most suited for this industries application.


MiniScan EZ 4000L (Diffuse d/8 Geometry, Reflectance, 400-700 nm)

15% prefer the convenience of the portable and easy to use hand-held spectrophotometer that offers reflectance only measurements.

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UltraScan PRO (Diffuse d/8° sphere Geometry, Reflectance and Transmittance, 350-1050 nm)
30% of our customers select this high-performance instrument for its extended wavelength measurement and its ability to measure both reflected and transmitted color.

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If you are unsure which instrument type is right for your samples, please call or email HunterLab technical support and we will be happy to assist you in making the proper instrument selection.