Pharmaceutical Powders and Pressed Plaques

Pharmaceutical bulk and divided powders are commonly used in the development of various types of medicines, from capsules and gel caps to pills, through the process of compounding, and also available as soluble powders. Whether you are measuring codeine phosphate or hyoscine hydrobromide, HunterLab has been providing color measurement solutions for the pharmaceutical industry for over 60 years, and many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturers rely on HunterLab solutions to ensure quality and consistency of the raw materials and consumer products used in their products throughout their supply chain.

The colors of pharmaceutical powders, such as sorbitol, microcrystalline cellulose or dibasic calcium phosphate anhydrous, are often measured as an incoming QC check to ensure lot-to-lot consistency. The preferred method for measuring powders is to use a Directional  45°/0° reflectance geometry for its ability to measure color the way the human eye sees color. This is the geometry that is recommended by HunterLab for color measurement of opaque materials that will be viewed by the customer.