Sauce & Dressing Color Measurement

The creative mixture of ingredients specifically blended to enhance the flavors of any dish, and to create appealing visual color characteristics. From flame red spaghetti sauce made from ripe heirloom tomatoes to the savory ruby red of tangy barbeque sauce or even the satin ivory of a creamy Caesar salad dressing, these products are often times packaged to be visible to the consumer as a key enticement to drive purchases. HunterLab has been providing color measurement solutions to the food industry for over 60 years and trusted by major global brands including Kraft, Heinz, Unilever, ConAgra Foods, and Kens among many others.

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Sauces and Dressings are typically opaque liquids in form, and their colors are designed to entice consumers to choose one brand over another. It is well-known that the perception of food flavor is closely tied to its color, proven time and again through the science of sensory analysis.


The proper measurement technique is to employ a Directional 45°/0° Reflectance instrument. This is the geometry that most closely matches how the human eye sees color and how a consumer will view the product when making a selection.

Many of HunterLab’s spectrophotometers are versatile enough to accommodate most applications of color measurement. However, based on 60+ years of experience and a thorough understanding of our customers? needs and product use, these particular instruments are most suited for this industries application.


NEW Aeros Smart noncontact spectrophotometer provides the unique ability to easily and accurately measure inconsistent, heavily textured, non-uniform samples.

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ColorFlex EZ (45°/0° Geometry, Reflectance, 400-700 nm)
40% of our customers prefer this instrument because of its compact design and integrated display, so does not require a PC and external software.

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