Grains Color Measurement

Cereals are a staple food item for most consumers, found in over 90% of households globally. Cereals are typically prepared from grasses such as wheat, oats, corn and other starchy grains or their edible seed or fruit such as buckwheat or grain amaranth. As with most food products, a consumer’s perception of the flavor of cereal is closely tied to its color. HunterLab was the first company to receive USDA approval for the instrumental evaluation of food color, and many of the world’s top producers of cereal products, including General Mills, Kelloggs, Purina, and Gilster-Mary Lee, rely on HunterLab solutions for color management and quality control of their products.

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Grains are the ingredients that are eventually processed into consumable cereals. Grains include maize, wheat, rice, oats, and rye among many others. Variations in growing season, ingredients, additives, process variations, storage methods and time can affect food color, so food processors pay close attention to the color of raw materials and to the changes that occur with each step of production, including monitoring color during storage and distribution.


Granola is a popular breakfast food that consists of rolled oats, nuts, and honey. The granola is stirred during baking to maintain a loose, cereal-type consistency.

Many of HunterLab’s spectrophotometers are versatile enough to accommodate most applications of color measurement. However, based on 60+ years of experience and a thorough understanding of our customers’ needs and product use, these particular instruments are most suited for this industries application:


NEW Aeros Smart noncontact spectrophotometer provides the unique ability to easily and accurately measure inconsistent, heavily textured, non-uniform samples.

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ColorFlex EZ (45°/0° Geometry, Reflectance, 400-700 nm)
40% of our customers prefer this instrument because of its compact design and integrated display, so does not require a PC and external software.

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D25 NC

Combining its unique automated motion with the ability to measure and average up to 5 readings per second, the D25 NC is unsurpassed in its ability to accurately measure large, irregular shaped samples of any type.

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MiniScan EZ 4500L (45°/0° Geometry, Reflectance, 400-700 nm)
10% of our customers select the hand-held MiniScan EZ because it is rugged, lightweight and ergonomically designed and travels anywhere, from the lab to the production line, indoors or outdoors.

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